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Health & Safety for your Business

Health and Safety in any industry should not be overlooked; HSE (Health and Safety Executive), state that it is a legal requirement for every employer or self-employed person to make an assessment of their risks. However, only businesses of five employees and over are required to create a written health and safety policy.

Why do we carry out Health and Safety checks?
1. Moral reasons
2. Legal reasons
3. Financial reasons

Health and Safety is important morally because it checks that we are not putting ourselves or others in danger, the law is also there to protect the public from workplace dangers. Health and Safety training and being able to predict and see dangerous situations before they happen can help keep staff safe. In small businesses, it is unlikely that an employee will get seriously hurt, however, having an assessment is law and could prevent your company from unnecessary hassle.

Health and Safety is also important legally, as without an assessment your company could be fined. If an employee hurts themselves at work and takes your company to court, having a health and safety assessment as defence would help to mitigate this.

Finally, implementing health and safety into your workplace does not have to be expensive. Having a safe workplace is often more efficient and therefore actually more cost effective. You do not want health and safety to be a financial cost and a burden to your company, but instead be there to protect and support.

This is why FREE Health and Safety are offering a basic package (under 15 employees) that gives your company protection for FREE.

If you have over 15 employees, you can complete the relevant form and we will advise you of costs (our charges are nominal and work pro-rata on the number of staff over 15).